• 24/07/2024
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Damien Rice’s long lasting dream to go on tour reaching every location, concert by concert, sailing on an old wooden sailboat is now taking shape. To achieve this dream he chose to sail the italian and the spanish coasts on a raising moon summer time, selecting cities with amazing locations.

“This tour—travelling from concert to concert on an old wooden sailboat—is a dream that has been percolating under a dusty lid for over 10 years. all that mesmerising movement of sails and ropes and waves gives me the feeling of being carried into the elements on the back of a giant, mythical sea creature. it’s a place i feel deeply vulnerable, and immensely free”, says Damien.

The Wood Water Wind tour starts from Italy, the first show will being held in Zafferana Etnea (Catania), on July 15 at the Anfiteatro di Falcone e Borsellino, then Caserta is to follow on July 22 at Belvedere di San Leucio. The tour will reach Ostia (Roma) on July 22 at the enchanting Teatro di Ostia Antica. Tickets for the italian lenght of the tour are currently on sale at www.ticketmaster.it and www.ticketone.it

The Wood Water Wind Tour will sail Spain to Cap Roig Festival on July 29 (the show is now SOLD OUT) at the castel in Calella de Parafrugell. The second date in Spain is on August 2 at Palma de Mallorca Auditorium. The tour will end in Mahòn, Menorca, on August 7 at Teatre Pincipal de Maò. Tickets for Catania, Caserta, Roma and Palma are restricted to 4 per person. The name of the lead purchaser will be on the tickets and their ID (or passport) will be required for entry.

We recommend to everyone who are going to see Damien Rice, to buy tickets only on the official sites provided above and do not choose for a secondary ticket option. Tickets, except for the Cap Roig’s gig which is now sold out, are available here: www.damienrice.com/tour/

Luana Salvatore

Luana Salvatore

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